Since the last update on May 15th, we have received additional testing results on which we provide the following update.

Out of the over 200 independent living residents tested last week, two residents in independent living, who are not showing any symptoms, tested positive for COVID-19. Those two residents were retested by our medical director, Dr. Ashley Ford, via the Mercy Clinic, and the results were negative. They will continue to be monitored by Dr. Ford. Although we consider these negative tests to be encouraging news, we do not know the reason for the discrepancy.

Following our proactive strategy of testing over 500 individuals at Epworth, including staff, residents, and some contract staff, other than the two independent living residents described above, we have not had any additional positive COVID-19 tests since the last update on May 15th. Based on the recommendation of our medical director, Dr. Ford, and the guidance provided to us by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma County-OKC Health Department, we will now transition to symptom-based testing, unless broader testing is recommended or required by one of these sources due to a regulatory change or additional cases of COVID-19 within Epworth.

In addition, we have one resident in Health Services who remains quarantined in our COVID unit. Three residents who had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and were being cared for in our COVID unit have been released to return to Household 4. These residents were back to Household 4 through guidance provided by the Oklahoma County-OKC Health Department, which indicated they were no longer a risk for transmitting the virus to others.

Thank you to our staff, residents, and families who have bravely fought this COVID-19 battle. Together, and with God’s help, we will continue to persevere.

Ron Kelly
President & CEO