The battle against COVID-19 in our nation, state, and city continues to be challenging. We are closely watching the rising case count, hospitalizations, and now, sadly, the recent increase in deaths caused by COVID in Oklahoma. Our efforts have helped us to avoid outbreaks at Epworth, but we remain steadfast in respecting this dangerous foe and protecting our residents and staff.

Since the July 15th update, two staff and one resident, all in Household 1, have tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, they are all recovering without any symptoms. The resident was relocated to our COVID unit in Household 2 and is doing well. Testing was completed on all residents and staff in Household 1 with no additional positive cases.

In addition, a dining services employee has recently tested positive for COVID. That employee is isolated at home. We have tested all the other dining services staff and are awaiting results.

We remain in “Phase 1” of the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s phasing in our Health Services and Assisted Living areas. This phase implements the highest level of protection for our residents and staff, which sustains the restriction on visitation. We will remain in this phase until our county reaches the “low risk” category for COVID and at least 14 days have passed since our last positive COVID test within our community.

We are continuously encouraged and inspired by the tireless work of our amazing staff and the perseverance of our residents. God has blessed us with an incredible Epworth family.

Ron Kelly
President & CEO