In our last update on September 24, we shared that five of the over 200 staff members at Epworth tested positive for COVID-19. We have some additional developments to share.

Four of these staff had worked in assisted living and are on leave while they quarantine. Initial tests of residents who had potentially been exposed were all negative, however, three assisted living residents have recently tested positive. Although the residents have experienced some minor symptoms, thankfully, they all seem to be recovering well while in isolation. All the assisted living staff were tested, and no additional positive results occurred. We will continue to closely monitor.

We also had a hospice nurse test positive who served a resident in Household 4. All the residents and staff in Household 4 were tested and all results came back negative.

Our COVID precautions remain in place. Along with the continuation of COVID-19 safety protocols, Epworth is following all the testing requirements for residents and staff. No visitors will be allowed in Health Services or Assisted Living until we have 14 days without any active COVID cases within our community. For the time being, we have ceased all outdoor visitation for health services and assisted living until further notice. In addition, our Independent Living residents may only receive visitors within their homes and apartments but not in common areas.

The rising number of active COVID cases in Oklahoma is a significant concern. Our team has responded well to this most recent challenge. Thank you for joining us on this journey to overcome this pandemic.

Ron Kelly
President & CEO