The continuing increase in COVID cases in Oklahoma is escalating the risk of COVID entering Epworth Villa. Despite our efforts, we have additional positive COVID cases to report.

We have identified one additional positive COVID test among Assisted Living residents. This has extended the temporary pause of any visitation in assisted living until we can see no active cases of COVID for 14 days.

An employee of Select Rehab who had served residents in Households 1 and 2 has tested positive for COVID. All the residents in Households 1 and 2 have tested negative.

Oklahoma has removed the phases of reopening in deference to CMS visitation guidance directives. Due to the county positivity rate and COVID activity in Epworth health services and assisted living, we will continue only virtual and compassionate care visitation in those areas until we are 14 days with no COVID positive and a county positivity rate below 10%.

An employee whose office is in the accounting and executive area has tested positive. All other staff in that area who may have been exposed have tested negative.

An independent living resident has tested positive. If we see additional positive COVID tests in independent living, we will consider renewing more restrictive preventive measures in independent living.

The health and safety of our residents and staff is our highest priority. Without our health, we struggle to thrive. We are thankful for the tireless efforts of our staff to perform numerous COVID tests, clean areas incessantly, and constantly wear masks while doing strenuous work and caring for the needs of those we serve. We celebrate you.

Ron Kelly
President & CEO