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Making a Life Plan a key part of your financial plan.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

April’s Questions with Kathy webinar, financial planning took center stage! We had a great time exploring a range of financial and retirement planning topics with guest speaker Oliver Norman, CFP®, a Certified Financial Planner based in Nichols Hills.

A native of Nottingham, England, Mr. Norman discussed topics including: Can you benefit from a Life Plan? How does a Life Plan affect your overall financial planning? How will it affect leaving assets to your heirs? Mr. Norman shared a career’s worth of financial planning experience, so be sure to check out the video!

Moving when you have too much stuff. (We can make it easy).

You've got questions. We've got answers.

For March’s Questions with Kathy webinar, we looked into a challenge we’ve all faced at some point: moving to a new home when you have too much stuff! This informative session will featured guest speaker Amber Bergerson, owner of Senior Transitions in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Ms. Bergerson and Kathy explored a range of topics, including:
How do you plan what to take and what to sell? How do you know what
will fit in the new home? And how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed
throughout the process? Thankfully, there’s a foolproof system for getting
it right every time. Be sure to check out the video!