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Independence Monday – Blue Zoo

Independence Monday. Residents of Epworth Villa can still maintain their independence even if they aren’t driving.

Off-campus fun with friends. There are plenty of activities that are planned for those that don’t drive or just want to take advantage of spending time with others. Epworth Villa is here to serve your needs and allow you to be as independent as you want!

Come see what else we have to offer! Call us at 405-752-1200 and schedule your tour today.

Bringing joy at home

Epworth at Home team image

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, for all of us. And the team at Epworth at Home is using this powerful emotion to help bring a bit of joy and laughter to many of the customers they serve with an innovative program featuring cardboard standups of some of the biggest cultural starts of days gone by.

Welcome to Wellness

Nettie talks about how important it is to raise your heartrate. She get her heartrate up on the spin bike.

Last week the Epworth Villa Wellness Committee offered an opportunity to ALL residents to learn more about wellness opportunities available at Epworth Villa. Residents spoke on each of the classes offered, what their experience was, and the benefits of the class. Residents also demonstrated the usage of equipment in the fitness center. The committee would like to see new residents join the wellness center and not be intimidated by trying something new.

100 year old Bette talks about her favorite exercise class,

Lori Love, Wellness Director said, “Here at Epworth Villa, we understand the importance of healthy living and work to incorporate a variety of activities into our day. From healthy food options to various group exercise classes, our residents have many choices to help them stay healthy and active. In order to keep our residents engaged and active, we love offering new opportunities. This year we began indoor cycling classes. We have plans to bring even more options to Epworth Villa in the coming months!” 

Linda demonstrates the rowing maching.

From our Friends at UCO – Aging Wisely Book Club


Aging Wisely: Strategies for Baby Boomers and Seniors

Book Club

Everyone ages. Not everyone ages well. Aging Wisely explains that much of what happens to our minds and bodies as we grow older depends on our approach to life and our attitudes and feelings about ourselves. Though there are elements beyond our control, we must take advantage of those things we can control while dealing competently with adversity. In describing the impact of aging and various conditions associated with the aging process upon our minds and bodies, Aging Wisely provides readers with the knowledge needed to fight back and maximize their relevance and independence. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining the quality of our lives in addition to longevity, for survival alone does not matter if the quality of survival is poor. To age successfully, we must find satisfaction and pleasure in what we do in the time available to us.

Who: You and students from UCO Aging and Adult Development Class

How: by Zoom Calls

When: 10/7, 10/21, 10/28, and 11/11 (you are not required to come every time only when it works for you. However, we would love to have you each time.)

Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Book: Aging Wisely: Strategies for Baby Boomers and Seniors by Robert A. Levine, MD, (2014). The best place to purchase is on Ebay for around $5.00.

Dr. Levine explores:

  • How attitudes about aging, and quality of life, can affect the process of aging.
  • He suggests that maintaining a good attitude is a key element to aging well, reminding readers that aside from illnesses and random events, we are in control of our lives.
  • Through personal accounts and real stories from mid-lifers and older people, the various issues associated with the aging process are addressed in an easy-to-follow way to allow people to understand the choices they have, and the decisions they may have to make, when faced with common diseases of aging.
  • These topics and many more will be explored in a casual, relaxed way. Invite a family member or friend and join us.

Contact Dr. Glee Bertram,, 405.974.5361 if you have questions or ideas. Please email me to let me know if you are interested.

Chaplain’s Chat

Have you met Pastor Laura? She has started a new program called the Chaplain’s Chat. Residents met for the first time today and discussed faith and #COMMUNITY and how in these times, we need each other even more.

The Chaplains Chat is just one of the many opportunities our residents have to gather together. Our purpose at Epworth Villa is “Enhancing Lives, So People Thrive.”We invite you to come #THRIVE with us – meet Pastor Laura – and be a part of our community.