Organized Health Care Arrangement

Care and services are provided to you by the Facility’s staff as well as by other health care providers. Although these providers are all independent, as you would expect, they cooperate to provide an integrated system of care for you. This type of clinically integrated setting in which you receive health care from more than one health care provider is called an Organized Health Care Arrangement (OHCA) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. The Facility may share your health information with participants in the OHCA for treatment, payment and health care operations of the OHCA. The Facility participates in an OHCA with local hospitals for acute care needs, Remedi SeniorCare for pharmaceutical needs, Select Rehabilitation for various therapy needs, Great Plains Family Practice Residency Program for medical physician needs, independent physicians for specialty care needs (dental, podiatry, counseling, etc.) and hospice agencies for end-of-life care.

This notice of privacy practices describes how the Facility uses and discloses your health information; however, you may receive separate notices of privacy practices from each of the other participants in the OHCA.