Compassionate. Professional. Proud.

When you or your loved one becomes a resident in our long-term care neighborhood, you’ll discover a warm, welcoming environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Just like in all other areas of living at Epworth Villa, we believe the best approach to achieving good health and wellness is to focus on the three-legged foundation of body, mind, and spirit. Our qualified, licensed, and certified professionals strive every day to make sure all residents receive not just 24-hour care, but also the encouragement they need to reach for all that life can offer. Through therapies, conversation, activities, and more, residents here are engaged with staff and each other to lead fuller, happier lives.

Long-term care at Epworth Villa


For more information about the long-term care neighborhood and services at Epworth Villa, call 405‑317‑9986 or 405‑486-1356, or send us an email here.