“It just felt ‘independent’ when we walked through the doors.”

If the question is “What will it really feel like to live there?” then the answer among residents at Epworth Villa in Oklahoma City appears to be “It feels like freedom.”

At Epworth Villa, independence means you decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You’ll eat your meals when you want to, not when someone else’s arbitrary schedule dictates it. You’ll be able to use our amenities, like our Fitness Center, when it’s convenient for you, not us. In fact, in the words of one of our residents, “I can use a treadmill in the middle of the night if I want to.”

Men playing horseshoes

And you will come and go as you please, whenever you please. Because our front door is always open and there is always someone there to greet you.

Friendly. Welcoming. Independent. At Epworth Villa, you’ll find people enjoying all the independence they want, yet all bound to each other in a spirit of community that says “We’re all in this together.”

Welcome to life your way.

For more information about all we have to offer at Epworth Villa, call 405‑752‑1200 to make an appointment, or send us an email here.

Complimentary Overview Brochure

Complimentary Brochure

To learn more about Epworth Villa and its long list of quality amenities and features, download our handy digital brochure. And have comfort, convenience and peace of mind literally in the palm of your hand.

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