“I felt the stress just roll off of me.”

We all know the future is uncertain. And we all know the smart thing would be to protect ourselves from the uncertainty that surrounds the need for long-term health care. We all know this to be true.

But we all also understand that knowing something and knowing what to do about it are two very different things. Answers can raise other questions, the options can be complicated, and the decision can become the easiest thing in the world to avoid.

At Epworth Villa, we’ll take as much time as it takes to answer ALL of your questions. We offer several financial options for becoming an independent living resident that are all comprehensive and easy to understand. Armed with a complete packet of information, you and your family can make whatever decisions are right for you.

For complete details on plans, pricing, and residence availability, call 405‑752‑1200, or send us an email here.