Your plan, your community, your life

LifeCare at Epworth Villa is about one simple idea: eliminating the uncertainty from your long-term financial and healthcare planning.

Epworth Villa LifeCare

Entrance fee: A one-time payment that initiates your lifetime contract. This fee is based on the square footage of the independent senior living home you choose, single- or double-occupancy, and your refund selection, such as the option leave a large percentage of your entry fee to your estate, or if you should ever move off campus or any reason 

Monthly fee: Our monthly fee covers all of the ongoing, recurring costs of living at Epworth Villa, such as basic utilities, housekeeping, a generous meal plan, campus security and maintenance, access to resident wellness and fitness classes, socials and events, and so much more.  Think “all-inclusive resort style living” with future benefits, certainty and predictability!   

The LifeCare difference

  • Predictability: LifeCare contracts provide a consistent and predictable monthly rate whether you are in independent senior living, assisted living, memory support or long-term care. You’ll have that predictable rate throughout all levels of care provided in your contract at Epworth Villa. Think of it as protection against the ever-increasing cost of healthcare.   
  • Familiarity: a Community you know and are familiar with, and people you know responsible for your future care.  
  • Tax benefits: your entry fee may be fully or partially tax deductible as a prepaid medical expense. Each year our CPA prepares a letter for our residents that paid a LifeCare Entry fee the previous year that shows the percentage of medical write off being allowed to our residents by the IRS. Example: In 2019 it was 48% of the total entry fee paid and the monthly fee paid as well. Consult your financial advisor for additional details.  
  • Our promise: you’re guaranteed residency at Epworth Villa and preferred access to all of our services, even if you outlive your finances. See one of our LifeCare or Fee for Service contracts for this promise as a benefit.  


Q: What is an entrance fee?  

A: An entrance fee is a one-time fee that initiates your Life Plan contract. Entrance fees are based on the type of contract you choose, the size and type of residence, and the number of occupants. This fee qualifies you for lifetime residency rights at Epworth Villa.  

Q: Is the entrance fee refundable?  

A: Some Life Plans feature partially refundable entrance fees if you ever move from Epworth Villa, or to be refunded to your estate. Refundable plans are available on a LifeCare contracts or a Fee for Service Contract. Choose from an 5-year amortizing refund (refund reduces monthly, reaching zero refund at the 5-year mark) or a 90% refund option.

Q: How does this work with long-term care insurance?  

A: While plans vary, you may have a long-term care insurance plan that offers benefits should you need higher levels of care, including assisted living, memory support, or long-term care. Some even provide private duty care if you need it. Check with your insurance provider for specifics. Your Long Term Care insurance can work on either plan based on what your policy provides. 

Q: Which type of Life Plan is the best for me?  

A: Our counselors are always ready to work with you to help you understand the details of our Life Plans, the benefits of each, and which might be a good fit for you. As a not-for-profit organization, our goal is not to sell to you. It’s to help you figure out if Epworth is right for you. And if it is, which plan best suits your specific needs.  

Q: What if I outlive my assets and still need independent senior living or higher levels of care?  

A: With either of our Life Plans, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that once you are approved and sign your contract, you have benefits here at Epworth for a lifetime, provided by a benevolent fund that is private, confidential and can be accessed. As long as you don’t willfully dissipate your assets, you have that assurance and promise from us. Once your contract is signed, your benefits are guaranteed as long as you’re a resident at Epworth Villa.  

Q: How do refundable plans work?  

A: Refundable entry fees come in two types: guaranteed and amortized. Simply put, a guaranteed refundable entry fee means a set percentage of your entry fee is refunded back to you if you ever choose to leave Epworth Villa, or to your estate upon your passing. Amortized refundable entry fees would start with a refundable percent set at contract signing, and this percent is reduced over time.  

Q: Why do I need to pay an entry fee?  

A: A great way to think of an entry fee is as an investment in your quality of life that provides certainty and predictability in managing the aging process. As a not-for-profit community, we’re making a commitment to you to do everything we can to help you thrive and promote healthy living as you age. This includes enhancing our surroundings and acting as good stewards of the resources we are entrusted with. An entry fee qualifies you for all the amazing benefits of community membership, and helps fund improvements to the community for you to enjoy for a lifetime.