June 2021 community update


  • May 1st we started our “Drive to 75” campaign with a goal to increase our vaccination rate in our employees. Although we have met our goal in certain departments with >75% vaccination rates in Rehabilitation, Environmental Services, Leadership/Executive and Dining Services, we continue to work towards a total goal of at least 75%. We made strides in this past quarter with the efforts of this campaign and the increased availability of the vaccine. In March, we were at 56% of teammates vaccinated (188 employees-including our contracted therapists), as of June 1st, we are at 63% (270 employees-including our contracted therapists).
  • We are now able to provide the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in house if we have 5 individuals wanting vaccination. This is due to each vial having 5 doses. There is no cost to the employee or residents. For those wanting it sooner, we continue our partnership with Passport Health and their clinic, Quail Springs Plaza Shopping Center, which is conveniently near Epworth. They are providing vaccinations to employees and residents Monday – Friday 9-5. We would like to note, that this is open to everyone, even those outside of Epworth community. You can register online and choose which vaccine you wish to receive by logging into the following website: https://oem.passporthealthglobal.com/ClinicSignUp/Registration/ThriftyPharmacyCOVID
  • Our community has been blessed for 2 months now, free of COVID-19 activity in teammates or residents.
  • Due to the continuing decline in COVID-19 county positivity rates, we are permitted more open visitation. Please note that because they meet the CDC/CMS designation as “health care setting”, masks are required for teammates, visitors and vendors in Health Services and Assisted Living. Visitation to Health Service and Assisted Living is available from 10 am to 7 pm and we respectfully ask visitors to abide by these times as well as to contain visitation to the patios (weather permitting) or resident’s room. Visitors are asked to refrain from going into other residents’ rooms or common areas.
  • Independent Living is not considered a health care setting and follows county and state guidelines which at this time, do not require masking. Epworth requires unvaccinated teammates to continue to wear masks in all settings.