July 2022 Community Update


As we enter this 3rd quarter of 2022, our community and the state are seeing an increase in COVID cases. Thankfully our COVID vaccination rates here in Epworth Villa are high across our residents and teammates and cases overall have been mild, not requiring hospitalization or having serious complications.

Due to our county and most of the state being at high risk/red for community transmission, all employees are wearing surgical masks in all areas of the campus. Residents and visitors are highly encouraged to follow the same masking recommendation which is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC COVID Data Tracker: County View


We encourage visitation with the following reminders to minimize infection risks:

  • Screening for COVID related symptoms and exposure prior to entry into health care areas. Visitation is prohibited for those who have had COVID exposure in the last week or currently have potential symptoms. Note: Please use our automated Advance Entry screening at multiple entrances in our community prior to entry to health care areas.
  • Masks are always required in health care areas; masks are strongly encouraged in resident’s room but not mandatory. Note: Health Care areas include all of Health Services and Assisted Living
  • Visits in health care areas need to occur in resident’s room, outdoors or a designated visitation area.
  • Space 6-10’ from staff and other residents.
  • Abstain from visits in the following areas when in use: dining areas, kitchen, laundry.
  • If other residents are present during a visit, spacing and masks must be worn.


Included is a summary news release provided by Oklahoma State Department of Health on the situation as of 07/18/2022:

OSDH Reminds Oklahomans to Stay Diligent as COVID-19 Transmission Increases Across State

OKLAHOMA CITY – As COVID-19 transmission continues to increase throughout the state, the State Department of Health (OSDH) is reminding Oklahomans tools are available to help protect themselves and their loved ones. With at-home, non-reportable tests readily available, it is difficult to know the full scope of current cases, however it is clear transmission has been increasing. Hospitalizations are also increasing, but fortunately at a considerably slower pace than we have seen in previous surges.

“One of the best things you can do if you are symptomatic is to test and stay home,” says Keith Reed, Commissioner of Health. “Taking these precautions will help reduce community transmission. Additionally, there are tools available you can choose to use to protect yourself including good handwashing, testing, vaccination and wearing a mask in high-risk areas. Effective treatments are also available, including antiviral medications and antibody treatment.”

The state has ample supply of vaccine and anti-viral medication. At-home COVID-19 tests are available for purchase at various retail outlets or free through the USPS. On-site testing is also available throughout the state.

Order Free At-home COVID-19 Tests


COVID-19 Testing Sites


Vaccination & Booster Scheduling


Therapeutics/Anti-Viral Treatment Finder


The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) protects and improves public health through its system of local health services and strategies focused on preventing disease. OSDH provides technical support and guidance to 68 county health departments in Oklahoma, as well as guidance and consultation to the two independent city-county health departments in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Learn more at Oklahoma.gov/health.