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Brightening the Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing, a form of mild depression linked to changing seasons. To lessen the possibility that you are afflicted by it, take a minute to read the following tips

Exercise is beneficial for anyone who is suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones that reduce pain and increase feelings of well-being. In addition, exercise increases your metabolism, which helps improve your energy levels. Plus, the fatigue from well-used muscles is a healthier type of fatigue than that of depression. Other benefits include increased self-esteem, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety.

While any form of exercise can help, some exercises are better suited to treating SAD. Any low-impact aerobic activities, including walking and dancing, are recommended. Other activities include:

gentle stretching
strength training

Exercising with a friend can also help. Not only does it provide you with motivation to keep working out, the social interaction can help combat SAD symptoms. Remember, you don’t have to become a marathon runner or elite athlete to reap the benefits of exercise. Even 10 minutes a day can help.

If you find that your SAD symptoms don’t improve or they interfere with your life, work or relationships, talk with your health care provider. Additional treatment options are available and together with exercise can help you beat the winter blues.

-Blaine Jackson, NASM-CPT

Robin Mills, 2017 Edmond Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Mills spoke to the Epworth Villa Rotary Club about the blessings and challenges she has teaching deaf/blind students in the Edmond school district. She briefly touched on the current situation with Oklahoma teachers. The Edmond school district is lucky to have Mrs. Mills. Epworth Villa Rotary is held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Concert Pianist Margaret Singer

Margaret Singer was born and raised in Crescent, Oklahoma where she received her earliest musical training and began her career as an accompanist at the age of twelve. After graduating from high school, she continued her studies at Oklahoma College for Women, where she was a student of Jacque Abram, the Artist-in-Residence. She continued her education on with a Fulbright grant to the Royal Music Academy of Music, London.

Upon returning to America, she moved to New York City, where she accompanied in many vocal studios, and eventually served as Assistant Conductor at the New York City Opera. This was followed by engagements with the San Francisco Opera, Opera Company of Philadelphia, and Washington Opera (D.C.).

St. Patrick’s Day with the Highland Mist Trio Celtic Band

Epworth Villa welcomed Highland Mist as they helped us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The members of Highland Mist met at church where they were asked to play a few different events together. They all love to play Celtic music, so in 2015 the trio Highland Mist was born. Now siblings Steven and Rachel, along with Tracey, spread their love of Celtic music with audiences everywhere. They play a wide variety of instruments including flute, guitar, violin, mandolin, penny whistle, cello, hammer dulcimer and djembe.

Epworth Villa Rotary

Our speaker for this meeting was Roland Herwig, fellow Rotarian. He spoke on his life as a young boy growing up in Germany during WWII.

Meet “Henrietta Smith”

During World War II, the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), U.S. Army Air Force’s program tasked some 1,100 civilian women with non-combat military flight duties. They were the first women to fly U.S. military aircraft. Their duties—to ferry war planes from factories to air bases, which often involved long flights across the ocean to England and other destinations.

Women’s Coffee welcomed Kimberly Hagan, from the Oklahoma History Center, who portrayed Henrietta Smith, a WASP Trainee from Woodward, OK. She talked about the War, the role of women, and the WASP Program in the 1940s. It was great turn-out—to meet “Henrietta Smith.”

Women’s Coffee and Kimberly Hagen

Women’s Coffee welcomed Kimberly Hagan, from the Oklahoma History Center, who portrayed Henrietta Smith, a WASP Trainee from Woodward, OK. She talked about the War, the role of women, and the WASP Program in the 1940s.

Pianist Cole Millard and Xiaoyuan Cao

Cole Millard is a sophomore at OCU, doubling in piano performance and music education. Starting piano at age six, he has a huge passion for music, and he credits music getting him through every day.
Xiaoyuan Cao (Nina) is a junior piano performance student from China studying with Dr. Sergio Monteiro at Oklahoma City University. In 2016, she was the second alternate of The Ladies Music Club and the Honorable mentioned in Oklahoma Music Teacher Association competition.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Tasting

Residents enjoyed pizza brought by Papa Murphy’s. Resident Carolyn W., son and daughter-in-law own several Papa Murphy’s franchises in the area and baked pizza on the spot for all to enjoy. The smell and taste was delicious!! It was a delicious time!