The Epworth Experience

Resident Elaine Transeau

While Elaine moved to Epworth in October 2020, her connection to our community goes back further, all the way to 2011. We talked to her about her life here at Epworth Villa.

What was your first impression of Epworth Villa?
In 2011, I began looking for senior living options in the region because two of my sons live close by. I came to check out Epworth Villa, and just fell in love with it. At the time, my husband and I lived in Arizona, and he wasn’t as eager to move so we decided to stay there at that point. But yes my impression of Epworth Villa was immediately very positive. There’s something about the people of Oklahoma. We’re welcoming and open, friendly and nurturing. I hardly ever see a stranger. I knew that was something I wanted.

So when you moved to Epworth years later, did it meet your expectations?
Oh absolutely. As I said, coming home to live closer to my boys was really important to me. And even though I moved in the middle of the COVID pandemic, people here were immediately so welcoming to me—I immediately felt like part of the community. Every day I feel like “boy did I come to the right place.” I’m truly home again, very much at ease, and I can be myself without any pretense.

From your perspective, what’s it like living here?
Oh I tell people all the time not to wait! People really have no idea how much fun they’ll have coming here, both because there’s so much to do and because you get to leave behind the typical responsibilities of maintaining a home. It’s great! Really the hardest part was downsizing from a larger home, but honestly it made me feel more at ease to have less stuff to worry about. I’m very comfortable here.

You talked about things to do. Tell us more about that.
I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, exactly how I want! How great is that? There is so much here to do—it’s not just bingo. This is a place filled with people just like me, with an incredible amount of life experience to share. The people here are active and intelligent and have explored (and are exploring) the world. We really have a lot of fun here in independent living. There’s a club or group or activity for just about anything you can think of. And if it’s not there, you can start it! This is really a great place to be and to live a full life. I’m so thankful I’m here and want to welcome as many new people as I can.

Just one of many Epworth experiences.

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