The Epworth Experience

Residents Don and Gail Frost

As part of the Epworth Villa community for more than eight years, Don and Gail Frost know just about everything there is to know about this community. We talked to them about how they chose Epworth, and what their experience here has been like over the years.

Tell us about how you first came to Epworth Villa
Well we lived in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas at the time, and really had no connections to Oklahoma City. We loved our home and loved living there, but it got to a point where maintaining the home was a hassle. So we decided to start looking around. We looked around Arkansas, in Ohio, we probably checked out 50 places or more. When we ran across Epworth Villa’s website, we really liked what we saw so we came to visit. Honestly, that’s what did it. We knew about all the financial benefits of a Life Plan community, but the feeling we got here made it an easy decision. And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.

What makes Epworth a great place to be on a day-to-day basis?
There’s so much to do, on and off campus! We really enjoy our independence here. There are plenty of grocery stores, shopping, and entertainment options nearby. We have a church that’s really close. This area is growing quickly! But even on campus, there are so many clubs to join, volunteer options, etc. We have a wonderful activities director, and our residents start up clubs or events for things they want to do that don’t exist yet. It’s great!

Tell us about the residents here, especially when you first joined.
From the start we were welcomed like family. All across OKC, people are just congenial and friendly. People here are eager to make new friends and experience new things, and we really have enjoyed that. Honestly it would be hard to come here and NOT find people and things that fit your interests. And that hasn’t changed a bit since we first moved.

How’s the staff here at Epworth?
I believe to really understand Epworth, you need to come here and see this place and meet these people The leadership is great—they keep residents informed as to what’s going on. Our maintenance staff is amazing—need a lightbulb fixed? It’s done almost immediately. Squeaky door? No problem. Plus we love that there are staff members here who have been here 10, 20, 25 years or more. It shows that they care and are dedicated to making our community the best it can be. You know, by law we can’t tip our staff. But we residents appreciate the staff so much that we find ways to say thank you, especially at the holidays. We want them to know we appreciate all that they do for us.

What would you say to someone considering Epworth Villa?
Don’t wait—that’s the biggest thing. Don’t wait until you can no longer take advantage of your freedom to go and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Moving here is both about gaining peace of mind and freedom. Your future healthcare needs are taken care of, that’s great. But for today, you’re free to go and spend your days how you want to! No more home maintenance, no more mowing and cleaning and all of those things. Come and enjoy a great life among friends. Come explore and learn and meet new people. It’s a lot of fun, honestly.

Just one of many Epworth experiences.

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