The Epworth Experience

Family Member Chris Griffith

Chris Griffith is the adult son of Sandy Ross, one of Epworth Villa’s newer residents who is a key part of our community already. We spoke with Chris recently about Epworth Villa, his experience with our community, and much more. Here is a recap of that conversation.

How has your experience with Epworth Villa been so far?
Really great! Mom is always telling me how happy she is to be there, how happy she is that they made the decision to move. Her husband had a few more reservations but has really come around and is enjoying it as well. And for me and my family, it’s been a huge relief honestly. It’s so helpful to know mom’s happy, she has friends literally next door, and if she ever needs help there are great people around in an instant.

How was the move itself?
The people at Epworth were fantastic. They really just helped the entire process go smoothly. From Kevin Clark in sales, to the team that came and helped go over my mom’s things and plan out the apartment, really everyone involved was just great.

What do you feel has been the biggest benefit for your mom?
Like many of us she didn’t always admit when she needed some help, so this has made that process easier since she doesn’t have to deal with maintenance and things like that. With her failing eyesight and some other things, she really didn’t get out like she used to and she’s someone who needs social interaction.

So being at Epworth makes it so easy to see her friends and meet new friends. She can meet for coffee or lunch or just to chat without worrying about driving or anything like that. It’s changed her life for sure because it’s allowed her to be her usual, outgoing self and not be limited by her health.

Just one of many Epworth experiences.

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