Epworth at Home

Weather you live at Epworth Villa or anywhere in our service area, our goal is to deliver high-quality, personalized care in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Doing better than anyone else is what we are all about.

We offer Private Duty– In-home help when you need it. We also provide Home Health – Skilled care in the comfort of your home. Hospice – Care for a loved one of any age that is nearing their end-of-life.

A testimony from Rev. Dan Frisby-

In every age, stage and page of life our greatest human need is to find hope, healing and health when life becomes most challenging, chaotic or critical.

As a retired United Methodist Minister in our Oklahoma United Methodist annual conference since serving as a student pastor in 1965 while attending Oklahoma City University till retiring in 2007, my goal and mission has been to assist, affirm and advance these essential needs for all who find times of greatest need when life may become most frightening, fragile or frustrating due to unexpected changes life may bring.

Such an event changed my life when my auto was totaled by a rear-end collision that left me facing serious back surgery. Hope, healing and health in every aspect of life became my greatest need! Following my successful surgery I faced the recuperation, restoration and renewal of renewed health.

I found the essentials I needed from the Epworth Home Health care team of their professional staff of nursing, therapy and nutrition who nurtured me back to health through their empathy, expertise and experienced care that I required to be restored back to health. I needed in this most fragile and frightening life experience.

It is with deep gratitude and a grateful heart that I commend the Epworth Home Health care team to and for your health if, or when, you may experience such need or care to restore, renew or recuperate.