A New Perspective

By Roberta Maloney

I moved to Epworth Villa seven and a half years ago following the loss of my husband after almost 50 years of wonderful marriage. On my first night here, I was sitting in my cottage feeling desperately alone and unhappy. It was after 11pm when I had this inspiration to take a walk over to the main building. As I wandered down the hall, I came to the Brill Chapel which, to my surprise was lighted and open. Feeling welcome, I went in, took a seat, and spent some time allowing my eyes to travel around the beautiful surroundings. I looked up at the cross on the window and told the Lord how much I appreciated His guiding me to this wonderful spot. I talked with Him and asked Him to pass my thoughts on to my husband. It was amazing to me how comforted I felt. In the following years, I made a regular habit of visiting with the Lord in the chapel and do so today. My religion since childhood has been Catholic, but I must say participating in the services at Epworth has given me a huge respect for a variety of other faiths. I’ve learned that no matter what we call ourselves, we all worship the same God, and Brill Chapel is a wonderful place in which to do it.