A superhero in rubber boots

J. Stephen Ford, Ph.D., P.E.

J. Stephen Ford, Ph.D., P.E. has served on the Board of Directors at Epworth Villa since 2016. As a senior investigative engineer with structural engineering being his primary focus, he has served as a consultant to senior management on all things pertaining to facilities.

On June 21, 2021, Ford’s expertise was called into action. On this date, a most unfortunate flooding occurred from an 8” high-pressure pipe. Because Ford’s firm designed this part of the building in 1988-1989, he had inside knowledge and had all the plans and designs. Ford always keeps a hard hat and rubber boots in his vehicle, due to the nature of his work. As soon as Ford was made aware of the flood, he was in the building with a calm and wise demeanor that was essential to assisting the fire department, the restoration company, and senior management in accessing the safety of the scene. The next morning Ford had Burnett Construction on the premises to begin evaluating the damage and repair. Because Ford’s mother was a resident of Epworth Villa before her passing, he knew the importance of residential safety to our residents and deeply felt the inconvenience that would impact the residents, employees, and guests.  Ford made sure that both the flood restoration and construction companies were sensitive and respectful to all the residents.

Ford is dedicated to helping a novice understand the structural effects of a water incident such as this. As a former professor and teacher, he has taken the time to explain this water event to any resident or employee who inquires. He has spent numerous off-the-clock hours advising, inspecting, calling, and planning. We know that Ford’s dedication to Epworth Villa as a volunteer comes from his deep love for his mother and the place, she called home. Most superheroes wear capes, our hero wears a hard hat and rubber boots.