Amusing Advice on Aging from Animals

Tortoises — Take life slow and enjoy the ride

Tortoises are one of the most ancient creatures on the planet, living up to 150 years old.  They average a speed of .17 mph.  They’re not winning sprints, but they are highly effective burrowers and have evolved to survive harsh conditions.  They can endure quite a lot.  Tortoises may not be what you’d call the sexiest animals around, but they teach an important life lesson: Slow and steady wins the race.

Some Epworth Villa Residents heed this advice and take things as they come, while others are constantly on the go.  Just because one takes things in at a leisurely pace as another runs from one commitment to another doesn’t mean that they aren’t both living life to the fullest.

The great thing about Epworth Villa is that you can choose to take life a little slower or fly by the seat of your pants and go, go, go!  It’s all up to you!  We offer a lifestyle for everyone.  Take a look at our Weekly Happenings to see what is going on!