Amusing Aging Advice from Animals part 3

Dolphins — Stay true to your friends and family

Dolphins are extremely social and form tight-knit groups, called pods, which range from five to hundreds of members. These aquatic animals are so loyal that they have been observed staying with sick or injured pod members. Dolphins can be friendly to humans, and there are numerous news stories of dolphins rescuing people from drowning and from sharks. Their sense of community and altruism exemplifies how we should approach relationships, which play a critical role as we age. Older adults tend to lose social connectivity after they retire or as their adult children move out of the house or start their own family, so it’s vital to maintain close ties with friends and family — our pods.

Many new Residents to Epworth Villa find a “pod” right away and stay connected or re-connect.  Epworth Villa – Enhancing Lives so People Thrive!