Capitol visit brings back memories

Recently, residents took a tour of the Oklahoma State Capitol building. They took in all the renovations that were completed in 2022. On the second floor in the Hall of Governors, Resident Mona Mae Waymire took a moment to pose by the bust of her father, Governor Raymond Gary.

Gary served the state as the 15th Governor from 1955-1959. He can be credited for peacefully integrating Oklahoma Schools, thus complying with the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education case. Gary also abolished segregated bathrooms and drinking fountains in all state buildings and segregation in the National Guard and Crime Bureau.

Gary also accomplished his goal of growing industry in the state and building roads. He will be remembered for creating the Department of Commerce and Industry and building 4,000 miles of highways which helped boost the economy.

To read more about Mona’s father you can head to the Oklahoma Historical Society’s website.