Jacob & Joseph by Chaplain Dwight

I like to joke that fashion sense is not one of my spiritual gifts. Let’s just say that I am indebted to my wife for lots of help in that area. I still have bad memories of a lime green leisure suit paired with a floral shirt. That memory lingered thanks to being featured in a family photo that hung in the hallway for decades.

In our study this week, Jacob gives Joseph a coat of many colors. It was more than a simple gift from a loving father. It was a long-sleeved garment worn by the nobility of the day. It was a symbol of authority and favored position within the family. It marked Joseph as the future leader of the household, even though he was far from the firstborn. He was the firstborn of Rachel, and that was the key distinction that mattered to Jacob.

The coat immediately set Joseph apart from his brothers and exempted him from the menial tasks of farming and shepherding. This fueled the jealousy and hatred the other brothers had for Joseph, leading to his being sold into slavery.

Jacob ended the chapter mourning what he believed was the death of Joseph. He was deceived by his sons, much like he had deceived his father to steal the blessing from Esau. In a sense, he is reaping what he has sown. I hope you have avoided favoritism, and not been caught in its effects. Thank goodness God has loved us with an everlasting love, and He does not show partiality. Show that love to those around you this week