Love Story – by Nancy Zumwalt

February is known as the “love” month. When we were young, we all had dreams of what love was like, but few of us had the satisfaction of a whole love relationship that fulfilled all those dreams. Our lives all have ups and downs that hit at various times with health, money, family, jobs, and relationships that affect both Christians and non-believers.

I met Bill in 1959 when I was home from college before my senior year. I needed a half unit more of Physical Education. I decided to take Horseback Riding during the summer. I used to ride a horse to school growing up, so I thought it would be easy, but I didn’t have a car to get to the stables. I ended up riding with Bill to class.

One factor in long love is knowing each other’s interests well. Bill and I dated about 18 months long distance before getting married. Check well to see if those interests match. What attitudes show up when things are going well and when there are misunderstandings?

60 years together

Money, religion, and family are key points. We all come from different environments and often reflect the actions and attitudes that come from our parents. How does each person react when an issue is confronted? How willing is the person to forgive? It is always a need for long love. A big part of success is a positive attitude and the ability to have a well-developed sense of humor.

Another key factor to success is the willingness to change. It has been critical for us. Following God’s direction saved us from making poor, selfish decisions many times. It even brought us to OKC 16 years ago from beautiful San Diego.
God has rescued us in many situations and difficulties. As a result, we treat each other with caring, faithfulness, and respect. We honor our marriage commitments. After 60 years, we give thanks to the Lord for his gifts of long love.