My Favorite Hymn: Because He Lives by Rev. Marilyn Williams

“Because He Lives” are powerful words to me. I could simply say it’s a favorite hymn because of the title. I remind myself every day — well, I try to — that a living Christ is always among us. God has created Kingdom on earth for us to live, breathe, love, and learn, to experience joy in our lives with our families, with one another, and with all creation. That means living peacefully and graciously with one another and taking care of our planet.
I believe that which God has created, God expects us to care for, nurture, and love. Should God have expectations of us? Some might say no, it is not required. I would say absolutely yes. If you want to feel the fullness of God’s grace, let God know of your gratitude for the gift of the Holy Spirit, left for each of us through the promise of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Every generation has experienced something which required people to fight, conquer, and survive. It seems as though we have endless wars somewhere in the world. Most recently the world has had to battle a lethal virus called Covid-19 which is still lingering in many places including the United States. Because we know He lives, we can have the calm assurance that we can indeed prevail through uncertain times. Because He lives, we can face all the tomorrows without fear.
Because He lives, the Holy Spirit keeps working within us, and every day that we acknowledge He lives is a day of joy in our hearts. God indeed is in control, counting on us to be His marketing disciples. How? Bellowing or softly expounding, “Because He Lives,” we too live in his grace and glory.
— Rev. Marilyn Williams