Successful Aging-What’s Important to You?

By Blaine Jackson, NASM-CPT, Wellness Coordinator

Successful aging involves focusing on what is important to you, and being able to do what you want to do at an older age.

While successful aging may be one way to describe how well we age, the concept of “meaningful aging” may be another important way to consider how to age well.

Meaningful aging does not involve “winners or losers” in terms of longevity and health, but rather the need to focus on what is most meaningful to a person, especially in older age. Sometimes this involves not doing more to stay active but, perhaps, doing less, giving up some control over our lives, being more mindful of others and being aware of the need to forgive and forget.

Meaningful aging encourages us all to find meaning and peace in our lives, and the effects that these practices have on how we age can, in fact, lead to a form of successful aging.

How can Epworth Villa aid you in successful aging?  We offer services and activities that are directed toward the mind, body and spirit.  Each of these needs can be met – it’s all up to you to choose.