Why Epworth? by Nancy Z.

In 2006, our last parent was soon to pass on. Our only child, son John, lived near Oklahoma City with his wife Jamie and their soon-to-be five children. We loved our home in San Diego but wanted to be closer to our family. So, the search began in OKC.

My husband, Bill had some teaching assignments here at our son’s Missionary Training Boot Camp and used his free time to visit the various senior retirement residential communities in the area. When he returned home and we discussed it, there was only one that met our 5-item “want” list. That was Epworth.

High on that list was a dedicated place for worship and a full-time chaplain. Brill Chapel and Epworth’s commitment to a full-time chaplain assured us of the spiritual care we would need at times. The beautiful Chapel with its stain glass windows encouraged meditation and inspiration. As we learned of the programs in the Chapel – Sunday School, Vespers, and other special programs— it became obvious that this was the place for us.

We moved in March, 2007. It was a God-directed move. We have been blessed to be a part of the Brill Chapel program ever since.