Winter Film Festival

Resident Walt Lambert has set the dates and chosen the movies for this year’s Winter Film Festival.  The Festival is slated to begin 2:00 pm Sunday, February 17th and run daily through Friday, February 22nd and will feature Robert Duvall in his Greatest Roles.  Duvall was suggested by resident, Jimette McLean.  McLean said that Duvall is her favorite actor because of his long career playing a variety of characters.  His reach as an actor is great.  Second Hand Lions is McLean’s favorite Duvall movie, even though she feels like it wasn’t his best role.  On the other hand, she thinks his best part was in The Apostle.  McLean says that in this role as a preacher Duvall portrays a consummate saint AND sinner.

Lambert said that he assumed the responsibility of creating the Film Festival as well as other weekly movies.  He streams the movies on iTunes.  Last summer he held a festival that heralded Broadway musicals.  Approximately 25 residents attend daily, as well as residents from Assisted Living.  Lambert also runs weekly movies.  He says that if a movie is popular, he will run it 2-3 times in the Epworth Villa Theatre.